Estate Sale Finds

I went estate sale-ing last week and came away with some pretty magical pieces! I also finally moved my burl wood and mirrored liquor cabinet into the dining room and styled it up a bit with some recent finds. The hand-carved cheetah is from Mexico (thrifted!) and the gorgeous pink painting is from an estate sale.

estate sale burled wood liquor cabinet

burl wood liquor cabinet estate sale art

Other pieces I picked last week:

Mid-Century Arlene Sherman litho. This piece was a steal at $45. Sherman’s work goes for $1,600-plus on auction sites and sites like 1st Dibs. This piece is gorgeous in person, such a great blend of modern and bohemian.

vintage arlene sherman midcentury signed lithograph

Vintage red and black snake painting: This just screams Gucci, which is entirely why I bought it. It’s stunning (and pictured here with my thrifted carved cheetah).

gucci style snake painting

I found this piece in a pile of trash by the road! It’s by an artist I love, too (I’ve bought four of her works so far but never thought I’d score one for free!).

estate sale art midcentury mountain scene



Trust Your Thriftstincts: Brass Mirror of Dreams

Earlier this week, I made my way to a charity sale that consisted of items leftover from estate sales. Basically, all of the items not sold at several estate sales had been donated to a local charity, which then held its own “estate” sale (it was actually in a warehouse). It’s kind of funny that I go to so many sales, I actually recognized several pieces from estates I had been to in recent months.

Anyway, here’s what I scored. I initially walked out with a slew of little tchotchkes: A gold Mexican mask (I have a large silver one just like it); a mid-century bull sculpture; some great iron book ends that look like little men; vintage jewelry; and a vintage leather MCM bag. All of the above were $6-$8 each.



And THEN, as I was walking out, a gorgeous mirror caught my eye. I stared at it for a few minutes, then walked out with just my small stuff. No less than ten minutes later, I picked up my boyfriend and turned around the car to scoop up said mirror. Good thing I did. Turns out, it’s a vintage brass Chapman piece (the same one was auctioned off for $700, but 1st Dibs sellers are asking $3,000+). I plunked down $24 for this gorgeous thang. Trust your thriftstincts, ALWAYS. If you like something, and it’s affordable, buy it. You always regret the vintage you didn’t buy.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 2.51.37 PM

Fashion Finds: Vintage Boleros

I have long had a love affair with boleros and cropped jackets — they are easy to throw on and add so much interest to an otherwise casual ensemble. My favorite way to wear them is with a vintage tee or plain bodysuit and jeans.


I scored this fabulous fringe number at a vintage shop in Palm Springs, California last year. Palm Springs is vintage MECCA (especially if you’re into ’60s, mid-century modern), but the wares tend to be pricier. Fortunately, I got this piece for just $40.


This is a gorgeous vintage velvet Emanuel Ungaro cropped jacket. I am always on the hunt for Ungaro at estate sales and thrift stores because it is so detailed and usually very over-the-top ’80s and ’90s (think shoulder pads and major floral prints). This piece has some pretty detailed embroidery, and it looks very current thanks to the material (velvet is huge right now). Love it with a vintage tee and mom jeans.


And this is my latest, maybe favorite, piece. I love a statement sleeve and this jacket seriously looks like it came from the collection of Isa Arfen or Johanna Ortiz (two favorite designers). I scored this beauty at an estate sale over the weekend. Found it stuck in the back of a closet, pulled it triumphantly out of a pile of junk, and asked, “How much?” They gave it to me for 75 cents.



Interior Finds: Catholic Art

I am not Catholic, but I have a thing for Catholic art — nuns, Mary, rosaries. There’s something sort of traditional and at the same time subversive about hanging a gorgeous work of religious art in a home. Here’s a great (HUGE! almost as big as me!) piece I scored this weekend at an estate sale.

Estate sales are great for art. The art is usually very cheap and, if you luck out (like I did this weekend), the sale might even be at the home of a former artist. This particular home contained probably 200 pieces of original art. Some were scary (clowns=NO) but others were sort of fun and folksy.


She was $30, and everything was 50% off. So I got her for $15. Major score. (Btw, I’m on snapchat: chamima129 if you are ever interested in following along on my crazy estate sale hunts.)


I just so happen to have this beautiful painting of nuns from a different estate sale. It’s in my dining room. I love that the nuns have no faces and also that the artist’s last name is “Church.”

Interior Finds: Brass

13466321_10101727100977842_7580368533014011994_nWhen shopping vintage accessories (this goes for both home furnishings and clothing), I find that the best way to navigate the land-mine of junk is to look for specific materials. A great leather jacket or skirt, for instance, will never go out of style. Silk blouses can still look modern decades later. And with home accessories, you can’t really go wrong with lucite and brass.

Brass is such a luxe material and I think it’s pretty sexy. It lends a little bit of sophistication to a room. I found a couple of great pieces of brass at an estate sale in Potomac, Maryland last weekend.


The swan was marked at $35, but everything was 25 percent off, so I got her for around $26. That’s a great piece for a beautiful brass animal and this one is pretty heavy. I’m trying to find a home for her at the moment, but I think she’d look great on a bookshelf or as a centerpiece. Above, you can see my boyfriend holding it for scale. Please excuse his outfit.


This brass pineapple is almost too perfect. First of all, brass pineapples are HUGE right now. But this one actually serves a purpose (which is rare for the things I usually buy!) — the spikes on top are actually little appetizer forks. I wouldn’t normally gravitate toward something so precious, but this little guy is wonderful.