That’s a Good Find

Hey there! I’m Virginia. I have had a couple of blogs over the years — both of them dedicated mostly to what I wear. I still love fashion, of course, but perhaps my greatest joy in life is discovering beauty in strange places — i.e. thrift stores, estate sales, antique fairs, and the like. So this blog is dedicated to all my good finds — those that make me squeal with excitement (like the time I found a Goyard trunk in a garage behind an antique mall. You guys. It was labeled “old trunk” and priced at $90. You better believe I loaded it in my car and paid before the sweet old lady who rang me up could google “Goyard.”) and those that are just kind of fun and grow on me over time. I hope to update on a fairly regular basis, so long as my luck (seriously, it’s more than luck, thrifting is an acquired skill) keeps holding out. Thanks for stopping by!

IMG_9183There she is, in all her glory….