When Your Kitchen Breaks the Internet

20180216 1290 Belvedere Ave024MED

Of all the photos featured in our recent home profile, this one has seemingly gone viral—it’s been pinned more than 5,000 times, and been Instagrammed and re-tweeted countless times. I have gotten countless comments asking about the stools, specifically. These came from a thrift store ($35!) and are vintage Milo Baughman—so while I can’t offer a link of where to shop them, there are some really wonderful (and similar!) alternatives. Happy shopping!

Interlude Home Darla Brass and Leather Counter Stool • $1,899

Wayfair Kian Bar Stool with Cushion • $395.99

Adriano Brass Counter Stool • $999

Haines Faux-Shagreen & Brass Counter Stool • $1,299

Phase Design Bride’s Veil Bar Stool • $595

Art Source Dessins Recents by Henri Matisse (Lithograph) • $269

Art Source Galerie Kleber Mourlot by Henri Matisse (Lithograph) • $179

One Kings Lane Vintage Henri Matisse – Dessins Recents – 1968 • One Kings Lane Vintage • $69

Four for Friday: December 22, 2018

Four things I’m loving this week, all with a nod toward rustic, effortless, French-ness. C’est chic, indeed.

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.42.14 PM

  1. I found this vintage, hand-painted French Country sign in North Georgia, of all places, but it reminds me of something you’d see in a perfect French restaurant, whilst eating the best roast chicken of your life.
  2. I’ve been looking for a perfectly worn-in vintage ladder for some time. And while this one isn’t old, it has exactly the look (and price) I’m going for — just the thing to set near the TV and display blankets and throws.
  3. The cover of this cookbook obviously drew me in but the recipes (which include soufflés, sauces, and everything impossibly French) are excellent, too.
  4. It just doesn’t get more chic than Diptyque.

Estate Sale Finds

I went estate sale-ing last week and came away with some pretty magical pieces! I also finally moved my burl wood and mirrored liquor cabinet into the dining room and styled it up a bit with some recent finds. The hand-carved cheetah is from Mexico (thrifted!) and the gorgeous pink painting is from an estate sale.

estate sale burled wood liquor cabinet

burl wood liquor cabinet estate sale art

Other pieces I picked last week:

Mid-Century Arlene Sherman litho. This piece was a steal at $45. Sherman’s work goes for $1,600-plus on auction sites and sites like 1st Dibs. This piece is gorgeous in person, such a great blend of modern and bohemian.

vintage arlene sherman midcentury signed lithograph

Vintage red and black snake painting: This just screams Gucci, which is entirely why I bought it. It’s stunning (and pictured here with my thrifted carved cheetah).

gucci style snake painting

I found this piece in a pile of trash by the road! It’s by an artist I love, too (I’ve bought four of her works so far but never thought I’d score one for free!).

estate sale art midcentury mountain scene



Four for Friday

Four things I’m loving this week, from Jenna Lyons’ chic AF digs to a bright and cherry mid-century painting.

Four for Friday December 15

  1. Jenna Lyons opened the doors to her Soho loft to the New York Times this month and it is drop. Dead. Gorgeous. The deep green hallway, the marble tub, the shoe closet…
  2. I picked up this mid-century mixed media painting in Atlanta a few weeks ago. The vivid hues are great and I love a still life. This would be spectacular in a kitchen.
  3. Turmeric has been the “it” spice for the past year or so, and with good reason: it has a slew of health benefits, from reducing inflammation to providing skin with that whole “lit from within” thing for which we’re all endlessly striving. You can add it to smoothies, put a teaspoon in tea… and with packaging this cute, you can leave it on your counter for all to see.
  4. Yes, it’s expensive. But this French toothpaste is pretty enough to be wrapped under a Christmas tree — and it’s just begging to go into a guest bathroom.

Goodwill Hunting: Art Finds

I recently took a couple of short trips — one to the Atlanta area and one to Orlando — to eat, shop, and of course do some thrifting. I got A LOT of amazing goodies, but figured I’d update first with my most recent art finds. I simply love all of these pieces. I don’t know anything about the artists (all of the pieces are signed), but find each piece fascinating in its own way.

I got the first two pieces from an estate sale. They are both massive (honestly it was hard to fit them in the car) and I felt like I had to rescue them. They were stuffed in a corner of a garage, priced at $10. The woman working the sale even asked me why I wanted them. Why not?! They’re so interesting. I am calling the guy “The Gym Stud” and the woman is Susan.

estate sale art vintage portrait

Vintage portraits estate sale

This little piece was just $1 at an antique fair. I love the colors and shapes.

one dollar vintage art

These prints are pretty major. I knew what they were as soon as I scooped them off a shelf at a Goodwill, and a glance at the back confirmed it (they still had their original tags). Fornasetti Faces, for $2 each.

Fornasetti Goodwill

This piece was more expensive at $50. I’ve been #blessed by the thrift gods to get art for literally pennies, but as an art-lover, I fully realize the value (I also collect new art, by contemporary artists, so I have certainly forked over more than $2 before.) For this piece, $50 was still a great buy. It’s from the 70s but in great condition. Beautiful colors.

antique fair art

And this is my favorite piece of the bunch. I scored her at a thrift store in the greater Daytona area. According to the volunteer at the shop, the painting had just been dropped off, so I really lucked out. It’s signed ’83, but looks so ’70s. Excellent condition, really a museum-quality piece. Oh, and the best part? The tag said $10 and it was 50% off day, so I got her for $5.

80s doing 70s art


One Room Challenge: Week 5

Art for one room challenge

Welcome to Week 5 of the One Room Challenge!

The progress was so major last week that this week is a little slower-going. The biggest news? I purchased a hood to go above the stove. It’s stainless steel, pyramid-shaped, with a chimney. It will likely be installed next week. The tile floors are set to be worked on this weekend so, currently, there’s not too much to share (last week included some pretty drastic changes, after all).

So this week I want to discuss art and accessories. I am debating adding floating wooden shelves in between the windows.  Here’s the inspiration for the idea:

one room challenge floating wood shelvesone room challenge inspirationone room challenge kitchen shelves

Alternately, I could just add a piece of art between the windows. I also have a large wall in the kitchen that needs some art. Fortunately, I have a rather large collection of art (both vintage and new) so I have plenty to pull from. Would love to hear your favorites in the comments along with your thoughts on shelves versus no shelves.

Art for one room challengeone room challenge kitchen artone room challenge vintage art

Stay tuned for next week, when we’ll be unveiling the floors and (hopefully) the hood.




One Room Challenge: Week 4

Oh baby do I have news for you. It’s week four of the One Room Challenge and the kitchen has received a major upgrade and is now the proud owner of  BRAND. NEW. COUNTERTOPSSSS!!!!! And, bonus: a backlash!

one room challenge before after

The new countertops are Carrara Quartz — i.e. not real Carrara, but they’ll withstand scratches much better and were just a fraction of the price of the real thing.

one room challenge countertops

We also have a new, much deeper sink with more modern appeal than the previous sink.

one room challenge kitchen backsplash reno

one room challenge backsplash

The adjacent living room has also received an upgrade, in the form of new floors, which is a big deal for the kitchen because this means we can actually use the bar. The floors are actually laminate, installed by Home Depot, but they turned out really well and unless you’re touching them, no one is really the wiser.

This weekend, we plan to tackle the floor, The tile is fine, but the color clashes big-time with the green cabinets and newly white walls, backsplash, and counters. So stay tuned for next week! Lots more to come.



One Room Challenge: Week 3

It’s week three of the One Room Challenge and I have four words for you: Let. There. Be. Light!!! (*Oprah voice*).

Kitchen sconce vintage thrift store find

Lighting can really make or break a space and, unfortunately, great lighting tends to be really pricey. Fortunately, I sourced the lights for the kitchen in some pretty unlikely places. One of the sconces I found at a local thrift store. It was buried under a mountain of lightbulbs and cords (and insulation, some of which wound up under my skin but who cares if it means I get a cheap sconce), and cost $12. Black with gold accents — the perfect thing. Now I needed to find its mate. That took me a full month of diligently searching Google (the sconce had no brand name) until I finally found the mate, and purchased it for full price.

one room challenge lighting

The sconces don’t entirely light the space, so my uncle installed can lights to fill the center of the room.

kitchen can lights one room challenge

They are super subtle, which I love, and don’t compete with the pendant lights which are one of my favorite parts of the room so far. These are Tom Dixon, smoked glass pendants and I found them on….eBay! I got three for the price of one, basically, and they add so much sophistication to the space.

Tom Dixon pendnat lights kitchen remodel

There’s still lots of work to be done. The floors hurt my eyes, for one thing, and we need a backsplash for added texture (that comes next week). Stay tuned.

one room challenge kitchen reno week three


Bright Idea: Vintage Lighting

When it comes to decorating or renovating a home, everything is expensive. And I mean everything (why are trash cans over $100?). Fortunately, I am a vintage-obsessed, jump-into-a-pile-of-junk thrift store devotee, who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

In recent months, I’ve been scouring sales and shops for lighting — lamps, chandys, sconces, you name it. Lighting is incredibly expensive. One of my favorite brands, Visual Comfort, makes some of the best lamps out there — but as I am currently remodeling the kitchen, I’d rather put money toward new counters than new lamps.

The most difficult thing about vintage shopping for lighting is that it’s rare to find a pair of anything. And I really wanted a great pair of lamps to flank the bed in the master, as well as a pair of sconces for the kitchen.

During a recent thrift store trip, I stumbled upon an amazing Frederick Cooper pineapple lamp. Just one, sadly, but it’s pretty great. I’m selling her on Chairish, if you’re interested.

vintage pineapple lamp thrift store frederick cooper

As fate would have it, I found another Frederick Cooper lamp just days later, in a different thrift store. And just a few feet away, albeit in a different room, I saw its mate! A PAIR of vintage Frederick Cooper brass lamps with gorgeous linen shades (I paid $22 for each).

Frederick Cooper thrift store lamps

Another recent find: This fun, swirly, Memphis-style lamp. This one was $7.

Memphis style lamp thrift store find

On the hunt for vintage chandeliers this weekend! Check back soon for more finds 🙂