about That’s a Good Find

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Hi there! I’m Virginia. I have had a couple of blogs over the years — both of them dedicated mostly to what I wear. I still love fashion, of course, but perhaps my greatest joy in life is discovering beauty in strange places — i.e. thrift stores, estate sales, antique fairs, and the like. I call it Goodwill Hunting: trolling thrift stores for the bold, the beautiful, the things that make you squeal with excitement (like the Goyard trunk I stumbled upon in a garage behind an antique mall — labeled “old trunk” and priced at $90. You better believe I loaded it in my car and paid before the sweet old lady who rang me up could google “Goyard”).


In addition to updating my finds, I also dabble in interior design and home renovation — as the owner of a 100-year-old house, I’ve got plenty of projects. The aim, for me, is always to make the old look new.