One Room Challenge: Week 4

Oh baby do I have news for you. It’s week four of the One Room Challenge and the kitchen has received a major upgrade and is now the proud owner of  BRAND. NEW. COUNTERTOPSSSS!!!!! And, bonus: a backlash!

one room challenge before after

The new countertops are Carrara Quartz — i.e. not real Carrara, but they’ll withstand scratches much better and were just a fraction of the price of the real thing.

one room challenge countertops

We also have a new, much deeper sink with more modern appeal than the previous sink.

one room challenge kitchen backsplash reno

one room challenge backsplash

The adjacent living room has also received an upgrade, in the form of new floors, which is a big deal for the kitchen because this means we can actually use the bar. The floors are actually laminate, installed by Home Depot, but they turned out really well and unless you’re touching them, no one is really the wiser.

This weekend, we plan to tackle the floor, The tile is fine, but the color clashes big-time with the green cabinets and newly white walls, backsplash, and counters. So stay tuned for next week! Lots more to come.



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