Bright Idea: Vintage Lighting

When it comes to decorating or renovating a home, everything is expensive. And I mean everything (why are trash cans over $100?). Fortunately, I am a vintage-obsessed, jump-into-a-pile-of-junk thrift store devotee, who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

In recent months, I’ve been scouring sales and shops for lighting — lamps, chandys, sconces, you name it. Lighting is incredibly expensive. One of my favorite brands, Visual Comfort, makes some of the best lamps out there — but as I am currently remodeling the kitchen, I’d rather put money toward new counters than new lamps.

The most difficult thing about vintage shopping for lighting is that it’s rare to find a pair of anything. And I really wanted a great pair of lamps to flank the bed in the master, as well as a pair of sconces for the kitchen.

During a recent thrift store trip, I stumbled upon an amazing Frederick Cooper pineapple lamp. Just one, sadly, but it’s pretty great. I’m selling her on Chairish, if you’re interested.

vintage pineapple lamp thrift store frederick cooper

As fate would have it, I found another Frederick Cooper lamp just days later, in a different thrift store. And just a few feet away, albeit in a different room, I saw its mate! A PAIR of vintage Frederick Cooper brass lamps with gorgeous linen shades (I paid $22 for each).

Frederick Cooper thrift store lamps

Another recent find: This fun, swirly, Memphis-style lamp. This one was $7.

Memphis style lamp thrift store find

On the hunt for vintage chandeliers this weekend! Check back soon for more finds 🙂


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