Art Finds

I’ve said before that some of the best estate sales are those at the homes of artists. I was lucky enough to stumble upon another such sale just last week, and came home with several original pieces.

Estate sales are great resources for art because the works have typically been taken good care of (rather than a thrift store, where pieces are often damaged). I gravitate toward pieces with really rich, bold colors, like the below landscape, but sometimes the subject matter gets me (as is the case of the Spanish bullfighter). It’s difficult to tell, but the landscape is huge (36 inches by 37 inches) and it cost me just $50. Each other piece was $25 so I got all three for $100.

estate sale landscape art



I went ahead and styled the above pink geometric piece. I wanted to bring out those rich purples in the foreground so I styled it alongside some other fun recent finds.

estate sale midcentury art

The burlwood chest is vintage Henredon ($100 from a thrift store), the two pottery vases are from Goodwill ($7), and the colorful man is an antique store find (I think $10). The two brutalist-esque men made of railroad nails are also from an estate sale ($7). So everything in this photo, including the furniture, cost around less than $200.

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