Interior Finds: Catholic Art

I am not Catholic, but I have a thing for Catholic art — nuns, Mary, rosaries. There’s something sort of traditional and at the same time subversive about hanging a gorgeous work of religious art in a home. Here’s a great (HUGE! almost as big as me!) piece I scored this weekend at an estate sale.

Estate sales are great for art. The art is usually very cheap and, if you luck out (like I did this weekend), the sale might even be at the home of a former artist. This particular home contained probably 200 pieces of original art. Some were scary (clowns=NO) but others were sort of fun and folksy.


She was $30, and everything was 50% off. So I got her for $15. Major score. (Btw, I’m on snapchat: chamima129 if you are ever interested in following along on my crazy estate sale hunts.)


I just so happen to have this beautiful painting of nuns from a different estate sale. It’s in my dining room. I love that the nuns have no faces and also that the artist’s last name is “Church.”

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