Interior Finds: Heads

I love a good body part find. Over the years, I have collected a few feet, hands, busts, and a whole lot of heads. Heads add a lot of fun personality to a room and I love thinking about who they might have been modeled after. Here are a few from my collection.


This head was an astounding Home Goods find! Found probably five years ago, but really, really perfect.


This head is from an estate sale. I believe it was modeled after a real person because it looks startlingly real… seriously, it’s a little scary when I come upon her in my living room sometimes.


This one is my favorite. A gift from my mom (purchased at an antique gallery in Jacksonville, Florida.) This was the most expensive of the bunch (I believe over $100, but not by much.┬áThe others were probably $20-$30.) She’s covered in mosaic tile.


Another Home Goods find. This one was cheap (under $20, if I remember). Very feminine. She’d be great on a vanity. I sometimes put hats and things on her.


And these are just some fun mannequin heads I saw at a shop!

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