Fashion Finds: Sick Shoes

I love a good Nordstrom Rack find and I was lucky enough to score three of ’em this week! Behold, the current-season Gucci pearl sandals:


And the Proenza PS1 chain wallet, which is an ideal little, fuss-free bag. I’m wearing it with my third find, Alexander Wang mom jeans. Super comfy and the fit is spot-on.


So here’s my Rack secret: Look for items labeled “altered or refinished.” These are typically returns from the full-line store (Nordstrom has a notoriously wonderful return policy, so you can return anything to any of their stores). They aren’t even damaged or “altered” as the tag suggests, but they are usually current-season items. The shoes above, for instance, are on for $695 currently. I got ’em for $199.

Oh an pssstt. The Rack’s Clear the Rack sale starts TODAY. That means lots of goodies are marked 25% off. Get to shoppin’.

Fashion Finds: Valentino Dress

To say that I am a big fan of outlet shopping is perhaps the greatest understatement in the world. I LOVE spending hours in a TJ Maxx, or a Nordstrom Rack, or a Saks Off 5th, rummaging through Juicy velour sweats, slogan tees, and half-priced flip-flops, only to turn up triumphant with a real designer gem.

And I am partial to TJ Maxx, of course, because I was one of the brand’s first-ever “Maxxinistas.” (Which means they flew me to New York for a shopping spree and photo shoot a few years back). But I haven’t had much luck at TJ’s lately, to be honest. Until this past weekend, that is.


Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Flipping through the dress rack, I found this stunning Valentino Couture dress. It’s covered in flowers — the detail is incredible — and has a built-in bodice (basically a corset) so the fit is perfect. It was $149, you guys! Probably made its way from one of the TJ Runway stores and just landed in my hands. I am truly #blessed by the designer gods.


A similar version (pink and, IMO, less pretty) retailed for $10,000 originally. TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. The long version was $32,500 (currently $9,750 on The Outnet).

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 11.36.45 AM

A good find, indeed.

Interior Finds: Catholic Art

I am not Catholic, but I have a thing for Catholic art — nuns, Mary, rosaries. There’s something sort of traditional and at the same time subversive about hanging a gorgeous work of religious art in a home. Here’s a great (HUGE! almost as big as me!) piece I scored this weekend at an estate sale.

Estate sales are great for art. The art is usually very cheap and, if you luck out (like I did this weekend), the sale might even be at the home of a former artist. This particular home contained probably 200 pieces of original art. Some were scary (clowns=NO) but others were sort of fun and folksy.


She was $30, and everything was 50% off. So I got her for $15. Major score. (Btw, I’m on snapchat: chamima129 if you are ever interested in following along on my crazy estate sale hunts.)


I just so happen to have this beautiful painting of nuns from a different estate sale. It’s in my dining room. I love that the nuns have no faces and also that the artist’s last name is “Church.”

Interior Finds: Heads

I love a good body part find. Over the years, I have collected a few feet, hands, busts, and a whole lot of heads. Heads add a lot of fun personality to a room and I love thinking about who they might have been modeled after. Here are a few from my collection.


This head was an astounding Home Goods find! Found probably five years ago, but really, really perfect.


This head is from an estate sale. I believe it was modeled after a real person because it looks startlingly real… seriously, it’s a little scary when I come upon her in my living room sometimes.


This one is my favorite. A gift from my mom (purchased at an antique gallery in Jacksonville, Florida.) This was the most expensive of the bunch (I believe over $100, but not by much. The others were probably $20-$30.) She’s covered in mosaic tile.


Another Home Goods find. This one was cheap (under $20, if I remember). Very feminine. She’d be great on a vanity. I sometimes put hats and things on her.


And these are just some fun mannequin heads I saw at a shop!

Interior Finds: Marble

Carrara marble has been hot in the interior world for some time now. In fact it’s actually becoming hard to find as a result (marble doesn’t exactly grow on trees, so once it’s gone — it’s gone).

I was lucky enough to stumble upon two terrific Carrara finds recently. First up, this chic little marble cheese board, which I piled up with goodies earlier this week. This was a $10 find from an estate sale. Very heavy, too — it’s real deal marble.


And then there’s this beauty. An absolutely gorgeous marble-topped table with chrome legs. Scored her at a Restoration Hardware outlet for a fraction of the original price. Can’t wait to host a dinner party now.