Throwback: Slate Interiors

In honor of #tbt, here’s a look at my new favorite shop: Slate Interiors, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Slate is an amazing interiors store with loads of vintage. It’s set up like an antique mall, with a slew of vendors (each space is curated by a different person). Not everything is vintage (I spotted some new pieces, too), but it’s all pretty gorgeous.

IMG_1457Great brass giraffe and mirrored coffee table. The rug is perfect and made even better by those leopard ottomans.

IMG_3225’90s art and juju hats = just the right mix

IMG_6107The bohemian pillow is really fun paired with the streamlined sofa.

IMG_6154My humps, my humps, my humps. I will forever regret not buying this camel.

IMG_2051More juju hats + the best sofa styling. The Moroccan wedding blanket looks so right with that purple poufy pillow and the Scalamandré-covered pillow.

Interior Finds: Brass

13466321_10101727100977842_7580368533014011994_nWhen shopping vintage accessories (this goes for both home furnishings and clothing), I find that the best way to navigate the land-mine of junk is to look for specific materials. A great leather jacket or skirt, for instance, will never go out of style. Silk blouses can still look modern decades later. And with home accessories, you can’t really go wrong with lucite and brass.

Brass is such a luxe material and I think it’s pretty sexy. It lends a little bit of sophistication to a room. I found a couple of great pieces of brass at an estate sale in Potomac, Maryland last weekend.


The swan was marked at $35, but everything was 25 percent off, so I got her for around $26. That’s a great piece for a beautiful brass animal and this one is pretty heavy. I’m trying to find a home for her at the moment, but I think she’d look great on a bookshelf or as a centerpiece. Above, you can see my boyfriend holding it for scale. Please excuse his outfit.


This brass pineapple is almost too perfect. First of all, brass pineapples are HUGE right now. But this one actually serves a purpose (which is rare for the things I usually buy!) — the spikes on top are actually little appetizer forks. I wouldn’t normally gravitate toward something so precious, but this little guy is wonderful.



The Holy Grail Find

Hey there! I’m Virginia. I have had a couple of blogs over the years — both of them dedicated mostly to what I wear. I still love fashion, of course, but perhaps my greatest joy in life is discovering beauty in strange places — i.e. thrift stores, estate sales, antique fairs, and the like. So this blog is dedicated to all my good finds — those that make me squeal with excitement (like the time I found a Goyard trunk in a garage behind an antique mall. You guys. It was labeled “old trunk” and priced at $90. You better believe I loaded it in my car and paid before the sweet old lady who rang me up could google “Goyard.”) and those that are just kind of fun and grow on me over time. I hope to update on a fairly regular basis, so long as my luck (seriously, it’s more than luck, thrifting is an acquired skill) keeps holding out. Thanks for stopping by!